Shawn Hessee is a motivational speaker from Raleigh, N.C. who travels across the country sharing his personal experiences of having cerebral palsy and the determination to never let his disability define him. With Shawn's message of facing and embracing life's adversities, his speeches can appeal to any audience -- elementary and high school students, college students, corporate businessmen, medical professionals and students, and others. He asks everyone to see adversity as an opportunity to better themselves and to learn from the situation. To Shawn, the glass is "half full" and never empty.



• Motivation to use adversity to your advantage to achieve personal or professional goals 

• Dealing with the pressures of college and every day life

• Diversity 

• Anger and bullying 

• Drug and alcohol abuse

• Living with a disability

• Tackling stereotypes

• Importance of adoption and foster care

• Learning from life's experiences